I recently became the Vice President of Technology at Alliance Laundry Systems, the global leader in commercial laundry equipment. I’m excited to bring my technology strategy & execution background to bear on interesting software and business opportunities.

My software background started with programming video games as a teenager. I studied Computer Science at Truman State University and started my career in flight simulation at Boeing where I worked in advanced avionics simulation. It was a nice combination of my love of aviation and gaming, and it was here that I experienced the power of modeling and simulation to understand complex problems.

When the iPhone came out I had several business ideas for apps, and got my MBA in Entrepreneurship from Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis so that I could create my first startup. A few years later I started a business with a small group friends, based on brainstorming with Matt Sebek’s concept and our love of baseball cards as kids. Rookies is an app that lets you make and print your own baseball cards right from your phone and then have the look and feel of the 1990s delivered to your doorstep! I’m Chief Operating Officer there today.

I worked at Asynchrony, soon to be purchased by World Wide Technology, where I learned a lot about running large scale software teams and designing and bringing software products to market. I led Partnerships at Asynchrony for a time, and then managed a portfolio of products for WWT that we sold to several Fortune 100 clients. Most recently I consulted in digital strategy as a Digital Client Director, helping business leaders integrate business and technology to create meaningful customer experiences and real business value as part of the WWT Digital team. You should hire them. They’re amazing!

I’m the president of the Hainline Heritage Charitable Foundation, a non-profit founded by my dad and dedicated to environmental health in Missouri. We provide scholarships and encourage students to work in environmental health, a much needed and under-appreciated field.

In my free time I hang out with my wife and four great kids! We love to get outdoors and hike as often as we can.

Me and some of the family